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A Music Review: Belle and Sebastian, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance 


Belle and Sebastian, a Scottish indie pop band, released their new album in January. Titled “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance”, it displays a solid lineup, tiptoeing the line between indie and pop while all the while staying unique. This is their ninth album, and one that is holding a bit of success, which the band has had trouble doing before. One of the more popular songs on the album is “The Party Line”, which even people who are not fans of the band may have heard, probably playing distantly on the speakers in Forever 21 (seriously, I think that’s where I heard it). 

By Abbey Vermeal

A Music Review: Bob Dylan, Shadows in the Night


Bob Dylan recently released his 36th album, Shadows in the Night. Thirty-six albums is an impressive feat, and the fact that people are still listening just exemplifies the quality of the music that Bob Dylan puts out. However, this album is slightly different. It is made up entirely of Dylan covering songs previously recorded by another household name: Frank Sinatra. Dylan recorded 25 songs live with his touring band, made up of five members. After they were all recorded and finished, Dylan selected his 10 favorites and lined them up to form the album.

By Abbey Vermeal

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