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The View From Oyaron Hill

The Moaning Feminist: “It’s a Man Hating Newspaper”


Woe is the educated and socially aware woman with the means to make her voice heard. How dare she write about the rampant inequality and discrimination in our modern age! Curse her opinions and desire to educate the campus community about rape culture, street harassment, and misogyny! We here at Hartwick are laid low by the matriarchy and her soapbox, Hilltops. Recently an anonymous respondent to the Hilltops survey accused the paper of gratuitous “feminist moaning” and of being a “man hating newspaper”. There is reason to believe due to the language used in this individual’s responses that they are female. 

By Hilary Gruber

“Fifty Shades of Grey”: the Controversial Development-Why a box office success is problematic, and why it was less controversial as a best seller.


Most of us have been exposed to the phenomenon that is “50 Shades of Grey” in one way or another. Maybe you winced when you heard that your mother’s book club was cracking the cover. Maybe you scoffed when you saw the book on your roommate’s or friend’s dorm room desk. Or maybe you were curious and read it yourself, or went with a date or group of friends to the movie theatre to see it. Given whatever level of exposure you've had to it, I’ll refresh some details. An innocent college girl, Anastasia Steele, meets a very successful young businessman, Christian Grey, when she is sent to interview him for an article.

By  Alaina Shires

Mental Health on Campus


There has been recent talk on everyone’s favorite Facebook page. Hartwick Confession. about mental illness. Many members of the campus community have spoken up and spoken out about the stigma attached to (and in defense of those with) mental illness. A lot is misunderstood about those who have so called “invisible illnesses” like a mental illness. Just because you can’t see someone is sick does not mean they are not. Unfortunately, this can lead to the formation of cruel and inaccurate opinions about these people.

By Hilary Gruber

Praxis Speaks Out About Halloween Costumes


Praxis, Hartwick’s sociology club, is meeting Tuesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 23 to discuss American cultural appropriation versus appreciation in Halloween costumes. This two-part discussion will address why some Halloween costumes are offensive and how to avoid disrespecting other cultures. Praxis Vice President Allison Pinski states....

By Susan McLean

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