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Nothing She Can’t Handle: Hartwick Senior Sam MacColl Garfinkel Creates and Chooses Two Presentation Theses


Academics, extracurricular activities, social lives, bills etc. are all facets of life for college students, but dealing and balancing it all is really the hard part. Sometimes there are individuals who look like they might just make it, do it in style no less, and senior Samantha MacColl Garfinkel seems to be one of them. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Samantha has taken on what seems like polar opposite majors. Upon first inspection, theatre and chemistry don’t seem like a likely combination, but Garfinkel hopes to utilize both her soon-to-be degrees as a chemical engineer or pyro-technician for a theatre company.

By Joanne Georges

No More Reasonable Doubt: Mike Bruny ’19


While the spring semester brings an end to the nervousness of the first year of college, it also brings an end to the anxiousness of the last year of college. Whatever emotion you may be feeling, sometimes it helps to hear the stories of alumnus and their survival in the world beyond. One notable alumnus, hailing from Brooklyn, NY and still feeling his Hawk Spirit, is Mike “Ambassador” Bruny.  Once a member of 50-50 Peer Counseling, Cardboard Alley Players, football and track team, a Foundation leader (1st year student seminar), founding father of a multicultural fraternity (Gamma Omega Delta - GQ for short) and plenty more....

By Joanne Georges

Education Club Sponsors Building a School in Ghana


“Do you want to take twenty seconds to do something to feel good about yourself today?” If you ate lunch at the Commons last Friday, you probably heard these words as you walked past the Education Club’s table advertising for their school-building campaign, Books for Bricks. The goal of the fundraiser is simple: students who purchased textbooks this year that they know they won’t need again can pledge to donate their textbooks to the Books for Bricks campaign, which will sell the books back to the Bookstore and use the money to make improvements to the Pathfinder International Academy school in Asebu, Ghana. 

By Jenny McInerney

Fundraiser to Help Free People from Human Trafficking


For several years, Hartwick College’s Anthropology Club has brought to campus a popular, successful fundraiser event through Justice Ventures International, or JVI. Partnered with fair-trade organizations such as Freeset and the Starfish Project, JVI is a non-profit group that offers many charitable outreach programs to aid in their goal of pursuing justice and freedom for people around the world suffering from bonded labor and human trafficking. Freeset, based in Kolkata, India, focuses on bringing hope and justice to exploited women in India’s largest red-light district. 

By Alex Kaminsky

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